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Get your email privacy in order with these free must-use tools

PC World: “In the grand scheme of potential privacy concerns, email privacy is perhaps the most personal. Getting unwanted messages in your inbox can feel like a major breach of trust, and knowing senders can see a record of everything you’ve opened and clicked can feel downright creepy. That’s why it’s worth getting familiar with all the ways you can protect your email privacy. From resistance against email tracking to masked email addresses that hide your identity, here are some of my favorite free tools you can use right now..Masked email is a way to hide your email address without having to maintain a separate email account for junk. Instead of handing out your actual email address, you can provide an alias that forwards to your regular inbox. This approach is perfect for retail sites that offer coupons in exchange for your email address, political campaigns that never leave you alone after donating, and any other site you don’t fully trust to treat your inbox with respect. It can also help you get extra free trials from services that require a unique email address…”

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