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Ginni Thomas testimony to Jan. 6 committee

Today, December 30, 2022 the Select Committee made public additional transcripts of witness testimony that was gathered over the course of the Select Committee’s investigation into the #January6th #attack on the U.S. #Capitol. See the 136 page (pdf) testimony of Ginni Thomas.

  • MSN – “I think based on this that Justice Thomas would be well advised to recuse himself,” says Rep. Zoe Lofgren discussing the newly released Ginni Thomas testimony…”
  • See also The New York Times – “A Charity Tied to the Supreme Court Offers Donors Access to the Justices. The charity, the Supreme Court Historical Society, is ostensibly independent of the judicial branch of government, but in reality the two are inextricably intertwined. The charity’s stated mission is straightforward: to preserve the court’s history and educate the public about the court’s importance in American life. But over the years the society has also become a vehicle for those seeking access to nine of the most reclusive and powerful people in the nation. The justices attend the society’s annual black-tie dinner soirees, where they mingle with donors and thank them for their generosity, and serve as M.C.s to more regular society-sponsored lectures or re-enactments of famous cases. The society has raised more than $23 million over the last two decades. Because of its nonprofit status, it does not have to publicly disclose its donors — and declined when asked to do so. But The New York Times was able to identify the sources behind more than $10.7 million raised since 2003, the first year for which relevant records were available. At least $6.4 million — or 60 percent — came from corporations, special interest groups, or lawyers and firms that argued cases before the court, according to an analysis of archived historical society newsletters and publicly available records that detail grants given to the society by foundations. Of that, at least $4.7 million came from individuals or entities in years when they had a pending interest in a federal court case on appeal or at the high court, records show…”

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