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GIPHY’s Most-Viewed GIFs of 2020

Medium: “2020… how do we even begin to describe this year? It’s safe to say we haven’t experienced anything like it before. The world was shaken by a global pandemic that significantly changed everyday life for billions of people; we saw incredible solidarity as people came together to support the Black Lives Matter movement and speak out against police brutality; we witnessed a historic presidential election… in short, it was a year. And let’s be real, it was by no means an easy one. Because of this, we truly did not know what to expect as we prepared to pull our most-viewed GIFs of the year. What sentiment would they reflect? What emotions were most-searched during these turbulent times? The answer — as you’ll see below — was actually very encouraging. Amid all of the craziness this year, love and thoughtfulness dominated the Top 25 Most-Viewed GIFs of 2020. People sending encouragement to loved ones they could not see in person, partners like Into Action creating inspirational content to help drive conversations around social justice, and much more. Additionally, we’re excited to see that so many of this year’s top GIFs come from our artist community. This is a strong testament to the work of artists on GIPHY and their ability to create GIFs that are not only culturally relevant, but undeniably fun to use. Artists and creators alike are indispensable to GIPHY, and — from improved attribution to new freelance features — we are excited to expand our work with artists and creators into the New Year and beyond…”

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