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GlaxoSmithKline Clinical Study Requests

“Access to the underlying (patient level) data that are collected in clinical trials provides opportunities to conduct further research that can help advance medical science or improve patient care. This helps ensure the data provided by research participants are used to maximum effect in the creation of knowledge and understanding. Researchers can use this site to request access to anonymised patient level data from our clinical studies to conduct further research…How it works – Submission of requests – Researchers can submit research proposals and request anonymised data from clinical studies we have listed on this site. Studies are listed after the medicine studied has been approved by regulators or terminated from development and the study has been accepted for publication. We have initially included global studies conducted since 2007; over the next two years we will go back to the date GSK was formed (December 2000). In addition, all studies (including local studies) starting in or after 2013 will be included. There are currently approximately 200 studies listed on this site. We estimate that over 100 studies will be added in September 2013.”

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