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Global Migration 2005-2010 Visualization

Public Tableau Viz – Global Migration 2005-2010 via The global flow of people – “published in Science (free access) Explore new estimates of migration flows between and within regions for five-year periods, 1990 to 2010. Click on a region to discover flows country-by-country by Nikola Sander, Guy J. Abel & Ramon Bauer

  • About the Data – The bilateral flows between 196 countries are estimated from sequential stock tables. They are comparable across countries and capture the number of people who changed their country of residence over five-year periods. The estimates reflect migration transitions and thus cannot be compared to annual movements flow data published by United Nations and Eurostat.
  • Global Migration Data Sheet 2005–2010 This Data Sheet provides a comprehensive portrait of the global flow of people in 2005–10. It features the flows between the top 50 sending and receiving countries, each country’s total immigration and emigration flow and the world’s 20 largest country-to-country flows.”

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