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Global Occupancy Insights 2021

“Corporate real estate decision-makers are planning for the hybrid workplace of the future, but there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. To find the right path forward, planners need benchmark data to compare their portfolios and strategies with how peers are using office space now and how they’re preparing for tomorrow. We surveyed some major occupiers to develop a comprehensive picture of space planning and utilization trends worldwide—and found major shifts underway in occupancy management that will forever alter the workplace:

  • Occupiers are redesigning spaces to support new work models.
    63% are changing the way they’re designing space
    80% are redesigning collaborative spaces
  • Hybrid work is the new norm.
    71% have mobility programs that enable employees to work from anywhere
    80% are actively mobilizing or considering increasing the percentage of employees in activity-based seating
  • Utilization is the key benchmark.
    21% track vacancy, once the primary performance metric
    83% track or are planning to track utilization, which measures actual space usage
  • Technology is at the forefront.
    90%+ use technology to track floor plans and occupancy data on an ongoing basis
    86% integrate data from other parts of their business into their technology platforms..”

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