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Global Survey: What’s creating tension between IT and business leaders?

Via avande: “If the marketing department is making its own decisions about an email marketing service, shouldn’t it also be responsible for ensuring that the chosen technology integrates seamlessly and securely with the company’s customer relationship management (CRM) database? And if problems arise after the marketing team starts using it, is it up to IT experts to troubleshoot them or is the marketing department left to fend for itself? New data shows a real tension between IT and the broader business as budgets and control move outside the traditional IT department. Executives consistently see evidence of it: more employees are choosing to use their own devices including mobile phones, laptops and tablets to work-related activities.  At the same time, employees are still expecting IT to be responsible for making everything work together — ensuring they can connect seamlessly and securely to
the workplace infrastructure. So today, IT has less control over important areas of technology adoption, but is still accountable for the impact these technologies make on a company’s operations. For the first time, a global survey of 1,003 C-level executives, business unit leaders and IT decision-makers
quantifies the evolving mix of responsibility and control that leads to new tension between IT and the business.”

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