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Global systemically important banks: updated assessment methodology and the higher loss absorbency requirement

BIS: The framework text sets out the Basel Committee’s methodology for assessing and identifying global systemically important banks (G-SIBs). It also describes the additional loss absorbency requirements that will apply to G-SIBs, the phase-in arrangements for these requirements and the disclosures that banks above a certain size are required to make to enable the framework to operate on the basis of publically available information. The rationale for the policy measures set out in the framework text is to deal with the cross-border negative externalities created by G-SIBs which current regulatory policies do not fully address. The measures will enhance the going-concern loss absorbency of G-SIBs and reduce the probability of their failure. The assessment methodology for G-SIBs is based on an indicator-based approach and comprises five broad categories: size, interconnectedness, lack of readily available substitutes or financial institution infrastructure, global (cross-jurisdictional) activity and complexity.”

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