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Gmail is starting to show more ads, including in the middle of email lists

9to5Google: “Ads are a central part of Google’s business and, in many cases, the way that the company’s products are provided at no charge. That includes Gmail, which is starting to show more ads for a lot of folks. Gmail has shown ads for years and years now. Google brought ads to the mobile apps a decade ago, and they’ve continued ever since, evolving from time to time with new placements and appearances. Over the past several days, though, it seems Google has been turning up the dial on how many ads show in Gmail, both on mobile devices and the web. Starting on mobile, we’ve observed that Google is now showing ads within your inbox’s “Updates” filter. That automatic filter is designed to capture emails regarding orders, select promotions, billing statements, and more. It’s perhaps the most useful filter of the three default options (the others being “Promotions” and “Social”), but it was also the only one without ads for a long time. Now, Gmail is starting to show two ads at the top of the “Updates” tab, just like it does on the other tabs…”

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