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Google Adds Knowledge Panels in Search Results for Covid-19 Vaccines to Counter Misinformation

Gizmodo: “Google plans to counter vaccine conspiracy theories and misinformation by tacking on new knowledge panels to search results when people look up information about covid-19 vaccines. The feature’s launching first in the UK, where health authorities began rolling out the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine—the first of its kind approved in the West—this week. Google intends to expand the feature as more countries begin approving covid-19 vaccines, the company said in a blog post Thursday.

“The fight against the pandemic and the development of new vaccines has required global collaboration between the public health sector, and the scientific and medical communities,” wrote Google’s head of trust and safety Kristie Canegallo and chief health officer Dr. Karen DeSalvo. “As work begins to vaccinate billions of people, we’ll support these efforts with additional products and features to ensure people have the right information at the right time.” Now when UK residents search for more info about covid-19 vaccines, panels pop up in the results with a list of authorized vaccines in their area and a breakdown of the different vaccines being developed. Google said future updates will point users toward vaccine information from “global and local health authorities.”..

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