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Google Announces A multi-screen and conversational search experience

Google Inside Search: “Search has always been about giving you the best answers quickly, regardless of what device you use. At Google I/O [May 15, 2013], we gave an update on where we are in building the search engine of the future–a search engine that can answer your questions, have a conversation with you, and even give you useful things without you ever having to ask. A conversation with search — across your devices: People communicate with each other by conversation, not by typing keywords — and we’ve been hard at work to make Google understand and answer your questions more like people do. Already, you can tap a mic, talk to Google in a more natural way and get responses spoken back to you on Android, iPhone, and iPad devices. Today, we previewed what this conversational experience will look like in Chrome on your desktops and laptops. Soon, you’ll be able to just say, hands-free, “OK Google, will it be sunny in Santa Cruz this weekend?” and get a spoken answer. Then, you’ll be able to continue the conversation and just follow up with “how far is it from here?” if you care about the drive or “how about Monterey?” if you want to check weather somewhere else, and get Google to tell you the answer.”

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