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Google Builds on Tech’s Latest Craze With Its Own A.I. Products

Washington Post: “Google is changing the way we search with AI. It could upend the web. Google Search will start answering some queries directly by generating its own results — a move dreaded by publishers and bloggers..”

The New York Times: “On Wednesday [May 10, 2023], at its annual conference in Mountain View, Calif., the company demonstrated some of what it has been working on. Google said its search engine will begin incorporating responses generated by A.I. at the top of query results pages and allow users to ask follow-up questions. It was a notable step toward Google’s embrace of A.I., which many experts believe could remake the tech industry. Google was a pioneer in the technology, but had been reluctant to do too much with it because A.I. comes with risks, like spreading false information. But Google, along with the rest of Silicon Valley, was surprised by the success of ChatGPT. In December.. Google said at its conference on Wednesday that it has now embedded its latest A.I. technology into 25 products, including the search updates and a feature to help users write emails in Gmail…”

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