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Google extension can caption and transcribe your video calls for $25

ZDNet – “Many of us believe that we can multitask, that we’re great at it even. However, that’s largely a myth. Splitting your focus between multiple tasks makes you less efficient at each, and you’re better off focusing. If you try to remain engaged and take notes at the same time, chances are a lot of context will be lost in translation. Luckily, CaptionSaver Pro will take your notes for you so that you can place your attention where it matters… CaptionSaver Pro is a handy browser extension that creates live captions of your colleagues that appear at the bottom of the screen while using Google Meet. Captions are turned on automatically when you enter meetings, so you don’t have to worry about switching any settings on. This ensures fewer awkward moments asking your coworkers to repeat themselves due to poor audio quality or during a dip in connection…”

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