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Google Files Bid Protest Against Dept. of Interior Over Hosted Email and Collaboration Services

The complaint, Google Inc. vs. The United States, filed Ocotber 29, 2010 in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, is here. “This action protests the terms of U.S. Department of the Interior (“DOI”) Request for Quotation 503786 (“RFQ”) for hosted email and collaboration services and DOI’s supporting “Limited Source Justification”, and seeks preliminary and permanent injunction against the DOI proceeding with the RFQ, or any related procurement, solicitation or task order, without first complying with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements…”

  • TechSpot, via TechDirt: “…Google Apps was not on the government’s table and the search giant is arguing that restricting the Request for Quotation (RFQ), a document asking companies to design a solution and quote a price, to Microsoft is “unduly restrictive of competition.” The US is defending its position by claiming that Google was not considered in the RFQ because Redmond offered two things that Mountain View didn’t: Unified Mail/Messaging, and “enhanced security.” In the RFQ, the Department of Interior (DOI) specifically stated that the solution had to be part of the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite according to the 37-page court filing. Google pointed out to the DOI that Microsoft has had downtime issues in the past and insisted that Google Apps is a suitable alternative.”
  • [“The contract, worth nearly $60 million, seeks to consolidate 13 different e-mail systems into a single web-based platform.”]
  • Google’s lawsuit: bigger target is security seal of approval from feds
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