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Google Maps now reminds users in the U.S. to wear a mask before going out

Neowin: “Tech giants have been constantly providing information from health authorities regarding ways to help curb the spread of COVID-19 as well as reminders to practice the minimum health standards amid the pandemic. Google, for example, has already been working with local publishers to highlight COVID-19 updates in its News app and Google Maps added a new feature last month meant to help users avoid crowded areas. Now, Google is rolling out a new feature in Maps that gives some health safety tips to users when they go out to public places (via 9to5Google). The feature reminds people to wear a mask outside their homes, especially in public hubs where the chance of contracting or transmitting the virus is high. It’s found within the Explore tab, where a banner tells users: “Wear a mask. Save lives.” Under that banner, there’s a small button that links to Google’s coronavirus website, providing more information about COVID-19…”

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