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Google new delete history feature is almost useless for privacy, experts warn

Follow up to October 15, 2019 posting – Google introducing auto-delete controls for your Location History and activity data – please note: Reclaim the Net: “It’s no secret for anyone that Google benefits from collecting and selling user data – this is a major part of their business whether we like it or not.  Whenever you’re typing something and the search engine auto-completes the term before you even finished the first word is not a coincidence, and neither when an ad of the new gadget you want seems to follow you around. Google knows what you are up to, they keep a track of your browsing history, YouTube views, and more. However, this fact has garnered them backlash and that isn’t so good for business. To deflect some of that negative attention, the company released privacy tools meant to help users to protect their privacy. One of these tools is Google’s activity controls page, where users can opt to delete web and app activity every 3 or 18 months automatically. Although the intention is good, critics and experts claim that it is kind of useless, because by that time Google has already extracted anything valuable out of it…”

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