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Google Workforce Report Omits Any Mention of Age

Follow up to precious posting – Google Posts About Lack of Diversity in their Workforce, more information on another group that is not represented in the company’s workforce due to their, age!  

See Google’s So-Called Diversity Makes No Mention of Age

 “Google shared their EEO-1 report (PDF link), a survey the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission requires big employers to file regarding diversity in their workplace. Google included a link to their actual EEO-1 document. I made a bee-line to read that because I was hoping that it would shed more light on matters than the blog post was shedding. To my surprise, the EEO-1 document only talks about gender and race. So I called the EEOC to ask, “what about age?” The woman at the EEOC who answered the phone told me, “We just collect it for race and gender, we don’t do age.” How convenient for Google. If you visit Google’s “Diversity” corporate pages, the big headline is “Making Google a workplace for everyone”. The big graph is described as “What our Googlers look like today” and shows gender and ethnicity. Not a peep about age anywhere in the entire Diversity pages except buried in a list of “Employee Resource Groups” is a section called “Greyglers” featuring a photo of 70-year-old Vint Cerf. That’s it. The rest of the Diversity site’s photos are almost entirely young people. To the point that one might think Google was a college campus. and nobody over 40 worked there.”

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