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Googler built tool to spot satellites from your backyard no telescope required

Android Police – “We humans have always loved looking up to the stars, but for a few decades, the night sky hasn’t only been populated by natural phenomena. A plethora of satellites are orbiting our planet, and if you know just when to look up, you might even be able to see some flying over your head. Google graphics and computer vision engineer James Darpinian has developed a web app that helps you identify where to look to spot these objects by utilizing Street View and browser notifications as well as weather warnings.

The web app is accessible via James Darpinian’s website and is optimized for both mobile and desktop. Once you allow it to access your location, it shows your position on the globe plus a timeline of satellites flying over your position when it’s dark. You can click or tap each entry to preview the orbit. A huge button labeled “See where it will appear in your sky” takes you to a dimmed Street View point of view, letting you identify over which building or tree to look for to see the flying object…”

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