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News release: [Effective October 17, 2012], every visitor to the and has been directed to Under the promise to be ‘simpler, clearer, faster’ the site is billed as the new online home of government services and information. The Cabinet Office’s Government Digital Services says is the first phase in the creation of a single domain for government. is the fourth attempt in 20 years to create a one-stop point on the web for central government. Its predecessors were creatures of their time, ranging from a simple directory of websites (1995), to the dotcom era UKOnline (2000) and the mega-project Directgov (2004). is a creation of the “back to basics” e-government strategy promulgated by Martha Lane Fox’s “Revolution, not Evolution” report for the coalition and endorsed by Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude…For an insight into the creation of and plans for the future, see UKauthorITy’s interview with Mike Bracken, head of the Government Digital Service.”

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