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Greenhouse Gas Mitigation: CRS Products

Greenhouse Gas Mitigation: CRS Products, September 20, 2022: “…CRS selected its products below by searching using the terms climate and greenhouse gas and through discussion with CRS subject matter experts. Products were selected from the search results and included here if they met the search criteria, contained substantial discussion of GHG mitigation, and have been published within the last three years, or are of special interest if older. Other CRS products focused on adaptation and resilience to impacts from climate change are generally not included. The selected products are sorted into eight broad subject categories. A ninth category includes products that substantively address multiple categories but were added to a single category for organizational purposes. Products are arranged alphabetically by title in each category. Categories areas follows: Agriculture, Oceans, and Forestry, which includes products about carbon in soils, oceans, forests,and land, both domestic and international; Carbon Capture and Sequestration, which includes products about sequestration technology, application, and finance; Carbon Pricing, Tax Policy, and Regulatory Approaches, which includes products relating to domestic and international climate financial issues such as taxes, regulations, and carbon pricing; Electricity Sector, which includes products that focus on mitigation options and issues specific to the electricity sector; Fossil Fuel Production, which includes products related to domestic production of fossil fuels; Industry, which includes products about GHG mitigation in specific industries; International, which includes products about international GHG mitigation and climate-related policy; Transportation, which includes products about mitigation options for vehicles and fuels; and Cross-Cutting, which includes products that cover multiple mitigation topics…”

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