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Guide to Legal Recognition of Same-Sex Relationships

News release: “The global law firm Jones Day has launched a new website that comprehensively surveys and tracks changes in laws governing the legal recognition of same-sex relationships around the world. The site is available for use without charge. The site summarizes the status of legal recognition of same-sex relationships in all U.N. recognized countries worldwide, including relevant sub-jurisdictions, such as each of the United States. A total of 292 jurisdictional reports are included on the site. The work on the site was coordinated as a pro bono effort by a multi-national team of Jones Day attorneys and staff. The site will be maintained as new court decisions and statutes change the laws. Each of the jurisdictional reports included on the website indicates whether the jurisdiction grants any form of legal recognition to same-sex couples and, if so, provides answers to such questions as:

  • whether marriage or some other status is afforded same-sex couples;
  • whether foreign same-sex marriages are recognized in the jurisdiction; and
  • how same-sex couples may dissolve their relationships.”

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