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Daily Archives: May 6, 2024

The Rise of AI: Insights from RAND

RAND – “Artificial intelligence—from machine learning that’s already widely used today to the possible artificial general intelligence of the future—has the power to transform the way we live, work, and interact. AI tools are evolving quickly, and decisionmakers are grappling with how to maximize the potential benefits, minimize the short- and long-term risks, and plan… Continue Reading

How to Clear Your Browser History on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and More

MakeUseOf: ” Regularly clear your browsing history to protect privacy, especially on shared computers. Different browsers have varied methods for history deletion, and it’s worth knowing how each one works. From Chrome to Brave, follow specific steps to clear browsing history on desktop and mobile devices. When surfing the web, your web browser records your… Continue Reading

Food Waste Index Report 2024

“To catalyse essential action towards reducing food waste and achieving SDG 12.3, it’s imperative to grasp the extent of food waste. Measuring food waste allows countries to comprehend the magnitude of the issue, thereby revealing the size of the opportunity, while establishing a baseline for tracking progress. The Food Waste Index Report 2021 marked a… Continue Reading

Six Ways to Give Away Less of Your Personal Data

Lifehacker: “Sometimes it feels like privacy, as a concept, has vanished from the world. Advertisers certainly seem to know everything about you, serving up frighteningly accurate ads that make you think your phone’s microphone has been turned on and marketers are actively listening to your every mumble. They’re not—yet. But they are engaged in something… Continue Reading

OpenAI Says It Can Now Detect Images Spawned by Its Software Most of the Time

WSJ via MSN: “AI is getting better at recognizing its own work. OpenAI on Tuesday is launching a new tool that can detect whether an image was created using the company’s text-to-image generator, DALL-E 3. OpenAI officials said that the tool is highly accurate in detecting DALL-E 3 images, but that small changes to a… Continue Reading

40,000 AI-narrated audiobooks flood Audible, dividing authors and listeners

TechSpot: “A new breed of audiobook is taking over digital bookshelves – ones narrated not by professional voice actors, but by artificial intelligence voices. It’s an AI audiobook revolution that has been turbo-charged by Amazon. Since announcing a beta tool last year allowing self-published authors to generate AI “virtual voice” narrations for their ebooks, over… Continue Reading