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Happy National Library Week!

“Here at the Internet Archive, we’re always ready to celebrate the important role that libraries play in our schools, communities, and larger society. This year, however, National Library Week comes during a tumultuous time, when thousands of physical libraries are closed or inaccessible…

  • With schools closing around the world, many students have lost access to physical school libraries. Luckily, there are ways to fill that gap. The Universal School Library is a collection of fiction and nonfiction books curated by a national advisory group of school librarians, librarian educators, and researchers. With more than 2,000 books available, the collection is meant to promote academic, cultural, and career literacy.
  • The Open Library project also recently announced a Student Library, with thousands of books organized by reading level available for grades K-12. For more collections of literature, nonfiction, and multimedia geared towards children, check out our Kid-Friendly Resource Guide!
  • If you’re looking for material on a particular topic, we’ve compiled a number of resource guides for popular subject areas. If you’ve got a budding biologist at home, you can check out our collections on animals and zoology, including everything from alligators to zebras, toucans to tigers, and butterflies to flying fish. (We also have guides to mythology, outer space, and a lot more!)…”

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