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How and when to use the Recall feature in Outlook (and other email systems)

Tech Republic – “Outlook’s Recall feature, which ostensibly offers users a way to recall emails they have sent either by mistake, with incorrect or inappropriate information or in the heat of a bad moment, has been around for some time across numerous versions. Its usage was especially common when the “press Ctrl-Enter to send” problem was well underway (this can be disabled in Options and every place I’ve worked recently has done so via policies) … The Recall function has improved (you can also recall and replace a message with the updated version), and I’ve tested it successfully myself, but there are some stipulations. It works only if you’re on a Microsoft 365 or Exchange account in the same organization. Microsoft provides some guidelines on how to use it though the guidelines are overly wordy, as they usually seem to be.  In a nutshell, if the message has not been read, your recall will most likely succeed (barring some unforeseen Office glitch) and the recipient won’t see the message but will be told you deleted it…”

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