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How Do Presidential Transitions Normally Work?

LifeHacker: “The White House has seen a peaceful transitions of power between outgoing and incoming presidential administrations throughout history, regardless of any volatility gripping the nation. Passing the baton of executive power to a new presidential administration has been a hallmark of this country’s democracy; the White House is where presidential tenants temporarily reside, not a permanent residence occupied by a mortgage-paying, private citizen. Given the Trump administration’s refusal to concede defeat after losing to president-elect Joe Biden on November 3, the centuries-long tradition has been thrown into unprecedented murky territory. Even under normal circumstances, in which the outgoing president isn’t stonewalling the incoming administration and making evidence-free claims of voter fraud, the peaceful transition of executive power is a complex process that needs close cooperation and mutual displays of good faith to succeed. Here’s how the process has normally worked prior to 2020…”

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