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How Google, Facebook, and Twitter plan to handle misinformation surrounding 2020 presidential election results

Fortune via Yahoo Finance: “Google, Facebook, and Twitter are preparing for an unprecedented hurdle they may face on the night of Nov. 3: Not knowing who won the 2020 presidential election.  A massive number of voters are expected to vote by mail, at least partially driven by a desire to avoid contracting the coronavirus. But it’s still unclear whether all ballots will be counted by the night of the election. Any difficulties or delays could ultimately postpone election results by days or weeks, which could allow election misinformation and false claims of victory to go viral. Google, Facebook, and Twitter will be under increased pressure to control election-related misinformation, which the three have historically struggled to police. Politicians, political campaigns, foreign actors, and even average users have long used the services to disseminate false claims about candidates, and in some cases undermine the credibility of this year’s election given its unique circumstances.  The three companies recently announced new policies aimed at mitigating false claims of victory. Here’s what they plan to do…”

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