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How Many Plants

How Many Plants was built by a particularly passionate houseplant obsessive, but it’s here for all plant parents, seasoned enthusiasts and first-timers alike. By cutting through the disparate and often contradictory advice that seems to grow like weeds around all corners of the internet, HMP strives for clarity. With confidence-boosting plant guides and deep dives into everything from what we mean when we say “bright indirect light” to a very-calm-totally-not-freaking-out identification of the little critters ailing your plants, HMP is here to help you on your journey to plant-based happiness! Hand-in-hand with a passion for plants comes a love for design. With an eye for interiors, each plant guide highlights handy cues for narrowing in on the “big frilly leaf with wide-load growth potential” perfect for that cozy corner of your bedroom…” [the design, illustrations, practical information and recommendations make this site especially enjoyable]

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