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How Many U.S. Households Don’t Have Air Conditioning?

Energy Institute at Haas: “With rising adoption, nearly 90% of American homes have air conditioning, but almost 30% in California are still without it. And, once again, the U.S. is gripped by sweltering heat and humidity. Higher-than-average summer temperatures are everywhere, even in places like Portland, Oregon, which topped 100 degrees last weekend and in Boston, Massachusetts which declared a heat emergency in early August.  These high temperatures in the Northwest and Northeast are particularly interesting and concerning because these are the few parts of the country where many people do not have air conditioning. The percentage of U.S. households with air conditioning has been steadily increasing for decades, and today nearly 90% of households have some type of air conditioning. But for today’s post, I want to look at the other 10%. Where are the households without air conditioning? Which states have the most households without? These patterns are important because households without air conditioning are more at risk from dangerous temperature spikes, and because this is where there is likely to be increased adoption in future years…”

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