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How to Add a Link to an Instagram Story – 7 Inventive Ways

Bulkly – “There’s no way you haven’t heard of Instagram Stories; easily one of the biggest social media features in the world for both personal and social users and businesses alike. With the average Instagram user now using the IG app for an extra ten minutes, on average, since the introduction of the feature, this is the prime way to connect with users and get your content in from of them. You probably already know how to add a link to an Instagram story. However, while this is a very popular and creative feature, getting traffic, leading people onto other places, such as a sales funnel, or basically giving anyone else the ability to go further with what you’re offering, the feature is very limited. It’s only if you have over 10,000 followers, or you’re a verified Instagram user, that you’ll be able to use the Swipe-Up link feature. So, if you don’t have 10,000 followers and you’re not verified, how can you get links into your stories? It doesn’t matter what this link is, whether you’re driving traffic to your website, promoting a new product, or highlighting a new event, today we’re going to explore and detail the best ways to make that happen through your stories…” [h/t Marcus Zillman]

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