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How to Clean Up Your Social Media Posts As Much as You Can

Wired – How to Clean Up Your Old Social Media Posts – “These tips will help you safely tidy up your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts—or give your profile a fresh start.”

Wired UK – “…First off–everything you do on Instagram is tracked. Almost every online service you use collects information about your actions. Every thumb scroll made through your feed provides it with information about your behavior. Instagram knows that you spent 20 minutes scrolling to the depths of your high-school crush’s profile at 2am. The data that Instagram collects isn’t just for advertising. The company uses your information—for instance, what device you use to login—to detect suspicious login attempts. Crash reports from your phone can help it identify bugs in its code and identify parts of the app that nobody uses. In 2019 it ditched the Following tab, which showed everyone the public posts you had liked. Other than deleting the app completely there’s very little you can do to stop Instagram from tracking your behavior on its platform, but there are things you can do to limit some of the data that’s collected and the types of ads you see online…”

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