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How to Clean Your Keyboard and Sterilize Viruses and Bacteria

MakeUseOf – “When was the last time you cleaned your keyboard? It’s not something we think about as we clean up our homes, but it’s a good idea to keep on top of your keyboard hygiene. Let’s explore why you should clean your keyboard and how to do it properly. Why You Should Clean Your Keyboard – First, keyboards aren’t the cleanest object in your home or office. Lots of crumbs from computer-side snacks work their way among the keys and build up underneath them. As a result, holding a keyboard upside-down can dislodge some nasty morsels from the past. It’s so bad that the keyboard can be a safe harbor for germs. Time reported on how 27% of keyboards in the office have an ATP count of 300 or higher, which means they have “high levels of contamination.” The keyboard tends to go under the radar when people clean their office space, allowing germs to flourish on and around the keys freely…”

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