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How to Dox Yourself on the Internet

The NYT Open Team – A step-by-step guide to finding and removing your personal information from the internet. “No one wants their home address on the internet. That is personal information we typically only give out to friends, family and maybe our favorite online stores. Yet, for many of us, that information is available and accessible to anyone with an internet connection. And increasingly for journalists, public figures and activists, this kind of information is dug up and posted to online forums as a form of harassment, or doxxing. Doxxing (also sometimes called “doxing”) is a low-level tactic with a high-impact outcome: it often does not require much time or many resources, but it can cause significant damage to the person targeted. Once sensitive information — such as home address, phone number, names of family members or email addresses — about a targeted individual is posted to public forums, it can be used by others for further targeting…When our team begins looking into the personal information that is available online for a colleague, we think like doxxers and use some of the same readily available online resources that doxxers may use to surface personal information…” [h/t Barclay Walsh]

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