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How to duck spam and data breaches with throwaway numbers, email addresses and credit cards

Washington Post – “At the Help Desk, we’ve recommended “burners” — or prepaid phones not tied to your name — as a last-ditch option for the privacy conscious. But you can also spin up virtual burner email addresses, phone numbers and credit card numbers online to stop companies from collecting and sharing your real information. Burners help protect you from data breaches, spam and unwanted charges, and they’re easy to use. DoNotPay, which makes automated tools that speed up annoying processes like contesting a speeding ticket or canceling a gym membership, has seen a spike in demand for its fake phone number and credit card generators since Apple launched its App Tracking Transparency privacy feature, according to founder and CEO Joshua Browder. That might be because without constant tracking, companies are hungrier than ever for your personal data…”

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