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How to enable auto-destruct on your inactive Google account

Neowin: “If, like me, you have a bunch of Google accounts and you don’t use all of them frequently, you’ll be interested to know that Google has a handy utility called “Inactive Account Manager” which does exactly what its name says it does. Basically, it offers you a couple of ways to handle your inactive accounts, including sharing associated data with your trusted contacts and even enabling self-destruct on it. There could be multiple reasons you would want to do this, including some morbid ones similar to what Facebook introduced a while back. My personal motivation for setting this up is that I have multiple Google accounts apart from my primary one, which I have created in the past decade or so for numerous reasons such as having a secondary account, an account to prank people, an account I don’t use anymore because of its silly username, and more. In the past, I have likely used these accounts for signing up to online platforms and services but do I still need them? I’m not so sure. But since I’m not 100% sure of either option, Google’s Inactive Account Manager is a nifty tool that I can use to ensure that I really don’t need some accounts anymore. The company uses information about your last sign-ins, your online activity, your usage of Gmail, and Android check-ins to validate the activity status of your account…”

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