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How to find out if you are involved in a data breach and what to do next

ZDNet: “Think you’ve been involved in a data breach? This guide will help you find out where and when, and it lists the steps you should take next. Data breaches are security incidents we now hear about every day. They strike every industry, every sector, every county; victim organizations can be everything from small, independent businesses to Fortune 500 companies.  IBM estimates that the average cost of a data breach in 2021 for US companies was $4.24 million, and damages increased by an average of $1.07 million when remote working was involved — a daunting statistic for businesses now adapting to hybrid and work-from-home setups.  However, talk of the millions of dollars corporations spend to repair damaged systems, perform cyberforensics, improve their defenses, and cover legal fees doesn’t necessarily convey all the costs felt by individual customers involved in a data breach.  For individuals, the costs can be more personal. And while financial damage may be a factor, the loss may be in the form of salaries, savings, and funds in investments.  Here’s how data breaches occur, how they can impact you, and what you can do in the aftermath…”

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