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How to Get a Covid-19 Vaccine: a State-by-State Guide

WSJ – “The U.S. rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine, managed individually by states instead of by the federal government, has been largely uneven and confusing to many seeking the vaccines. [Select your state to find information about getting vaccinated.] The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued recommendations for who should get the vaccines first, but states established their own criteria. Most prioritized healthcare workers and long-term-care residents first; now, many have moved on to those over 65 or 75 years of age and people with health conditions that put them at high risk. While states have set the priorities for inoculations, many have pushed the responsibility for administering them onto individual hospitals, clinics and local public-health agencies. Each state has divided their populations into groups or phases or tiers, and each is working through them at its own pace. Most states’ websites acknowledge the limited vaccine supply, and that many of the hotlines are likely to be experiencing difficulties. Residents are encouraged to keep trying and to check the websites regularly for updates. Some states give residents hotline numbers for direct help with vaccines and appointment scheduling; some offer the option to preregister for the vaccine even if they aren’t eligible yet, and will notify those people when it is their turn to schedule an appointment. The states also request residents don’t go to a clinic or provider without an appointment. The information [in this article] is the current phase that each state and Washington, D.C., are in as of Feb. 16, and will be updated once a week…” [Note – as available each state provides a Hotline number].

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