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How to get rid of promotional emails and delete old email on Gmail

The Verge – Unsubscribe from and trash all those unwanted messages: “We all know how it goes: one day you look at your Gmail account, and you’ve got several thousand emails. Why be surprised? It’s all too easy to subscribe to dozens of company promotions without realizing it. If you buy anything online from a new service or retailer, you will be subscribed. If you want to read an article from a source that demands registration, you will be subscribed. If you sign a petition or give money to a charitable cause, you will be subscribed. It is, of course, easy to ignore all those subscriptions and just let them pile up in your Gmail Promotions tab. But what if there is a really good sale at your favorite clothing retailer, and you miss it because of the mass of other promotional emails? What if you’ve got so many emails stored up that they’re starting to eat into your Google storage limits? Or what if just the thought of having several thousand promotional emails sitting in your Inbox is just, well, irritating? Sometimes it’s a good idea to spend a little time cleaning out all those excess emails in your Gmail account and preventing more from coming. Here’s how. (Note: these all require using Gmail with a browser. There is very little you can do with your mobile app; those options are listed at the end of this article.)…”

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