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How to Get Your Team on Board with a Major Change

Harvard Business Review: “…Most change management has shifted from a simplistic, top-down, “create a vision, change the structure, roll out the new program, and get buy-in” approach to more emergent, empowered, and purpose-led approaches. But leading big, complex change is still a struggle — the rate of failure for transformation projects remains stubbornly high. Notwithstanding new Agile methods, many of our clients still wish that their change efforts could go a little faster, encounter less pushback, and produce more novel and sustainable outcomes. So, what’s missing? We’ve seen both in our research and our work with clients that the missing ingredient is the ability to look for and work with deeper systemic forces. In every organization, unconscious dynamics exert a powerful pull on organizational behavior and effectiveness. Just as gravity invisibly propels matter, these forces drive collective behavior and therefore change effectiveness. And we’ve found the force that has the greatest impact on change outcomes is our primary need to belong…”

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