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How to make your laptop go faster for free

PC World – “If your old laptop needs a little more pep in its step, there’s an easy fix most people overlook: the performance settings. These settings reside in most laptops, usually via a preinstalled utility. The vast majority of laptop users never poke around in there—and you shouldn’t need to, if all you do on your laptop is email, web browsing, and mainstream productivity applications. But if you want to try your hand at a bit of light gaming, or you’re tinkering with Twitch streaming or video production, you could unlock a free performance boost with a simple mouse click or button-push. While we encourage you to take advantage of that free performance, please note that tinkering with these settings does not turn a 4-core CPU into an 8-core CPU. It does not make a low-end GPU into a high-end one. Still, you can find decent performance gains if you give those settings a try…”

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