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How to Properly Recycle Your Paper and Cardboard

CNET – There’s a right way to recycle your paper and cardboard: “If you receive meal kits, pizza deliveries or Amazon packages regularly, you probably have a stack of empty boxes sitting somewhere in your house. And while you may think you can recycle any cardboard and paper, that’s not the case. In light of Earth Day, we’ll help make sure you’re recycling them the right way.  For example, the pizza boxes you’ve been “recycling” are actually getting thrown away by employees at the recycling center (more below). The same goes for the glossy wrapping paper you thought would be fine to put into the paper recycling.  According to the University of Southern Indiana, one billion trees’ worth of paper are thrown in the trash annually — and that’s just in the US. I spoke with some recycling experts and here’s what I found out about the right way to recycle paper and cardboard…”

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