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How To Search Books By Color

BookRiot – Anna Gooding-Call – “One of the most annoying things about my job (I am a librarian) is that most people remember what they liked about a particular book rather than its metadata. That means that they may have read a book that they know is about dragons, but know nothing about its title and author. There are literally thousands of books about dragons. (You can read about a few of them right here and right here.) It’s almost impossible to narrow them down based on vague plot information. But you know what makes an impression on almost everyone who picks a book up off a shelf? That’s right: cover color. It was red, it was yellow, it had a circle on it. I must have gotten thousands of reference questions about blue books alone. If you’re a librarian, you have too. That’s why I’m going to show you how to search books by color right now…”

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