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How to Set Up a Remote Learning Space for Your Kids

The New York Times – Wirecutter: “When the coronavirus pandemic forced schools to abruptly shut down earlier this year, my family, like many others, scrambled to make distance learning happen. My 14-year-old daughter would sometimes work on her iPad on the couch, at my desk in my home office, or even in bed. It was emergency remote learning, with the emphasis on “emergency,” rather than on “learning.” This school year, many school districts are allowing online learning at home to continue as an alternative to going back to school in person (or they’re offering remote as the only option). For kids who are going to do remote learning, perhaps the best way we parents can support them is to give them a dedicated place to focus on their studies amid all the distractions at home. Here are some of the best tools and tips for setting up a permanent or semi-permanent remote learning space for your child, now that their classroom may be your living room, kitchen, or a home office you have to share…”

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