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How to Talk to Kids About School Shootings

Via Axios – “Several school districtsdirected parents and educators to in-depth resources from organizations that specialize in trauma response:

The leading cause of death among American children is now guns.

  • Firearms passed motor vehicles as the top killer of kids in 2020, the most recent CDC data available.
  • Why it matters: The firearm death rate among children is steadily rising.
  • More kids are involved in gun-related homicides, including Tuesday’s mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas — and in suicides and accidents.
  • Nearly two-thirds of the 4,368 U.S. youths up to age 19 who were killed by guns in 2020 were homicide victims, the CDC says.
  • Motor vehicle crashes, formerly the leading cause of death for kids 1 and older, killed nearly 4,000 children.”
  • Via Judd Legum: “According to a 2018 Small Arms Survey, the latest data, there are more civilian-owned firearms in the United States than people, with more than 120 guns for every 100 Americans.”
  • Quartz – Recent laws made it even easier to own and carry guns in Texas and Gun and ammo stocks soar after the Uvalde mass shooting

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