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How to Use a Data-Scraping Tool to Extract Data from Webpages

maketecheasier – “If you’re copying and pasting things off webpages and manually putting them in spreadsheets, you either don’t know what data scraping (or web scraping) is, or you do know what it is but aren’t really keen on the idea of learning how to code just to save yourself a few hours of clicking. Either way, there are a lot of no-code data-scraping tools that can help you out, and Data Miner’s Chrome extension is one of the more intuitive options. If you’re lucky, the task you’re trying to do will already be included in the tool’s recipe book, and you won’t even have to go through the point-and-click steps involved in building your own…”

  • For many many other resources and tools to extract data from web pages – please see 2020 Guide to Web Data Extractors – This guide by Marcus P. Zillman is a comprehensive listing of web data extractors, screen, web scraping and crawling sources and sites for the Internet and the Deep Web. These sources are useful for professionals who focus on competitive intelligence, business intelligence and analysis, knowledge management and research that requires collecting, reviewing, monitoring and tracking data, metadata and text.

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