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How to Use ChatGPT by OpenAI

MakeUseOf: “OpenAI’s new AI chatbot is here; ChatGPT. Here’s how to use it and what you can expect. From the makers of DALL-E and GPT-3 comes an incredible new AI chatbot called ChatGPT. OpenAI has granted public access to ChatGPT for free during a research period, allowing us to glimpse into the future of what life with AI might look like. Drafting a letter to your boss, explaining difficult ideas, or suggesting some gift ideas are just a few things ChatGPT can do, all you need to do is type a question. Far from being perfect, it still has its limitations, but for now, it’s well worth checking out while you can.”

See also Ars Technica – AI image generation tech can now create life-wrecking deepfakes with ease. “AI tech makes it trivial to generate harmful fake photos from a few social media pictures…By some counts, over 4 billion people use social media worldwide. If any of them have uploaded a handful of public photos online, they are susceptible to this kind of attack from a sufficiently motivated person. Whether it will actually happen or not is wildly variable from person to person, but everyone should know that this is possible from now on.”

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