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How to use Google Keep as your virtual to-do list maker (and why you should)

ZDNET – “Google Keep is an overlooked gem that keeps track of your seemingly never-ending grocery list, work tasks, or travel agenda. Here’s how to make it your master to-do list that always goes with you. Whether you’re a student, a working professional, a parent, a combination of the three, or just a busy person, you more than likely have a to-do list — or multiple. That to-do list, either mental or physical, can get overwhelming.  As someone who likes to compartmentalize my tasks, I’ve recently found that Google’s hidden gem of an app — Google Keep — is the best tool for dividing, conquering, and transferring the chaos in my brain into action. Here’s a rundown of Google Keep’s features and how you can use them as your virtual to-do list..”

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