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Bluesky and Mastodon users can now talk to each other with Bridgy Fed

TechCrunch: “An important step toward a more interoperable “fediverse” — the broader network of decentralized social media apps like Mastodon, Bluesky and others — has been achieved. Now, users on decentralized apps like Mastodon, powered by the ActivityPub protocol, and those powered by Bluesky’s AT Protocol, can easily follow people on other networks, see their posts, as well as like, reply and repost them. Those same people will be able to see the others’ posts in return, too. The technology making this possible is Bridgy Fed, one of the efforts aimed at connecting the fediverse with the web, Bluesky and, perhaps later, other networks like Nostr…To bridge an account from the fediverse to Bluesky, you simply follow the Mastodon account @[email protected]. The account will follow you back. You’ll then automatically have a new, bridged account available to Bluesky users under your fediverse/Mastodon handle (where the second @ is now a dot) followed by “” For example, if my Mastodon account is @[email protected] then my bridged account is”

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