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Hurricane Season Starts, Preparation Key

“The United States is facing an above-normal 2007 Atlantic hurricane season, with 13 to 17 named storms predicted between June 1 and November 30. Emphasizing that everyone—individuals, families, and agencies—needs to prepare, Secretary Michael Chertoff explained, “It’s kind of a civic responsibility for everybody who’s in the zone of danger to take the steps necessary and to listen to the instructions given so that we can allow our responders to attend to those people who can’t help themselves.” Preparing for the first 72 hours of a disaster can make the difference between survival and disaster. Individuals, families, businesses, and agencies in coastal areas need to have necessary tools, food and water for up to 72 hours, and a plan. In the words of FEMA Administrator Dave Paulison, “It takes all of us to be ready

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