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I Have Read Thousands of Résumés and I Have Some Advice

The New York Times – “The history of this strange document can tell job-seekers what works and what doesn’t. In the last decade, I have revised 3,000 résumés while working as a college career adviser. Here is my advice: The strongest will fit on a single page. Exceptions are few. An 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of letter paper fits about 700 words. So be efficient. Recruiters often say they spend six seconds reviewing the average candidate. Are you worth seven? I would lose my mind if all I did was revise résumés, and so I got curious about their history. Want some real advice? Résumés do violence to language. They are poetry, inverted. You must dry the joy from the bones of words; drain the human sauce; leave a labored husk printed on eggshell. Only then can you guilelessly communicate that you were on the dean’s list at your university for five of eight total semesters. And hope it matters…”

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