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Report on the use of data visualization in government

The IBM Center for the Business of Government – The Use of Data Visualization in Government: “The report presents case studies on how visualization techniques  are now being used by two local governments, one state government, and three federal government agencies . Each case study  discusses the audience for visualization . Understanding audience  is important, as government organizations provide useful visualizations to different audiences, including the media, political  oversight organizations, constituents, and internal program teams . To assist in effectively communicating to these audiences, the  report details attributes of meaningful visualizations: relevance,  meaning, beauty, ease of use, legibility, truthfulness, accuracy,  and consistency among them . The report concludes with steps that government managers can  take to create and deploy powerful visualizations . Among them  are to use the visuals to tell a story, to connect with an audience  in a way that helps to frame the data and allows viewers to create meaning.”

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